The Texas Breeding Bird AtlasСЋ Golden-cheeked Warbler

The Texas Breeding Bird AtlasСЋ Golden-cheeked Warbler

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Art by Diane Taylor

The Golden-cheeked Warbler could be the only bird types that breeds solely in Texas. This bird is quite striking, using its bright yellowish cheeks offset with a black colored throat and straight straight straight back, however it is most frequently discovered by its distinctive buzzy track increasing from the wooded canyons by which it breeds. The Golden-cheeked types in main Texas with an assortment that coincides closely with this of this Ashe Juniper (Juniperus ashei), and winters within the highlands of Central America from southern Mexico to Nicaragua. On migration, this warbler generally speaking makes use of the Sierra Madre Oriental of Mexico, but documents occur for Florida, the Virgin isles, and Ca.

CIRCULATION: In Texas, TBBAP information suggest that the Golden-cheeked Warbler types across the Balcones Escarpment, into the eastern and southern area of the Edwards Plateau, regarding the Lampasas Cut-Plain as well as the Llano Uplift. Listed here counties are included in the warbler’s historic range but aren’t represented into the TBBAP information: Eastland, Edwards, Erath, Hamilton, Hood, Johnson, Kinney, Medina, Stephens, and Williamson. Supplemental information through the U. S. Fish and Wildlife provider show that the Golden-cheeked had been present in Williamson County (latilong 30097, quad F7) through the Atlas duration with a status of likely (C. Beardmore, pers. comm.). Of this sleep of those counties, just Edwards and Medina have much warbler habitat (Wahl et al.).

SEASONAL OCCURRENCE: Breeding for the Warbler that is golden-cheeked is to ensure, with just 24% of 83 total documents representing verified documents. Nests are difficult to acquire, as shown by deficiencies in documents of nests with eggs along with only three records of nests with young (15% of most confirmations). Continue reading “The Texas Breeding Bird AtlasСЋ Golden-cheeked Warbler”